In case you missed it, beer yoga is a phenomenon that moved into the national spotlight this week after word got out about the Germans' obsession with BierYoga. Here in Charlotte, NC, beer yoga is certainly wildly popular, but it's nothing new to our booming brewery fitness scene—hell, we've got 25 beer (and wine) yoga classes for you to choose from around the Queen City!

So, what is beer yoga? It's precisely what it sounds like: yoga class enjoyed along with a pint, bottle, can, or growler of your favorite beer. The key when it comes to beer yoga is finding balance—pun intended. Beer in moderation + yoga poses = the perfect combination.

Whether you live in Charlotte or anywhere else in the world, beer yoga is clearly hot right now. Ready to join the zen, slightly buzzed party? Head to a brewery near you (or just buy a six-pack at your nearest supermarket, we don't judge!) and try out these 12 beer yoga poses that will give you a good workout followed by a delicious (and healthy!) beer. 

1. "Downward Facing Drink" Pose

You'll kick off your beer yoga practice with a twist on a classic: Downward Facing Dog. Just add a beer (and probably a straw) and you're set. 

2. "Extended Swig-angle" Pose

Next, you'll flow at your own pace into Triangle pose, opening your heart toward the ceiling while you take a swig of your beer.

3. "Hold My Drink" Pose 

This Seated Spinal Twist pose gives your body a brief moment of detox (before you re-tox with that beer in your hand).

4. "Chug" Pose

Back on your feet! Get ready for your buns and thighs to burn as you chug your beer for the duration of your time in Chair ​pose.

5. "Slurp" Pose

Work your arms and core with this play on Crow pose! This move is pretty advanced, so feel free to flow into Plank ​pose instead. Either way, you're probably going to need a straw to slurp up your beer.

6. "Double Fisting" Pose

Grab two bottles, glasses, or cans of your favorite beer, and prepare to test your balance in more ways than one with this version of Tree pose!

7. "Cup Holder" Pose

Skip the koozie! Instead, hold your cup (or bottle, or can) between grateful, booze-loving prayer hands in this Revolved Chair pose. 

8. "Cans to Heart Center" Pose

Keeping those prayer hands tightly around your beer (or getting a new one), come to Mountain ​pose with cans and hands to heart center.

9. "Brew & Arrow" Pose

Get low for this beer-infused version of Archer pose, preparing to shoot your bow and arrow with a cold one in hand. 

10. "Tipsy Dancer" Pose

Cheers a friend as you both lean into Dancer pose, opening your heart and grounding your standing foot to the mat. 

11. "Kegstand" Pose

Kids, don't try this it at home! ...Partially because you probably don't have a keg at home, and partially because holding Handstand pose atop a keg requires skill and supervision.

12. "Passed Out" Pose

By the end of your practice, you've earned your Savasana—and we promise not to judge you if you pass out here for a few minutes at the end of class!

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