This post is brought to you in partnership with Jazzercise Concord-Charlotte Speedway. Jazzercise is the original dance party workout that blends dance, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and strength training for one amazing workout.

At Work For Your Beer, we love a great workout (especially if it's followed by a great beer!). You'll often find us at a brewery fitness class, but we love to shake things up and check out local gyms and studios. No matter where we get our sweat on, we love trying out classes to discover new and fun ways to work for our beer.  

That’s why we started Work For Your Beer Spotlights, a series in which we highlight local fitness classes to show you how you can work for your beer at beyond the brewery (and support local businesses in the process).  

Next up in the series: Jazzercise.  

When our Director of Partnerships, Brittany, told me we'd be dancing for our beer at Jazzercise Concord-Charlotte Speedway, the first thing that popped into my head was leg warmers and (you guessed it) jazz hands. But boy, was I wrong.  

After I tried out their Strength30 and Dance Mixx classes, I can confidently say this is not your mom's Jazzercise class. So, put your scrunchies away and read on to learn more about our experience.

The Essentials  

Location: Concord
Address: 3775 Concord Parkway South 116 Concord, NC 28027
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The Studio

Speedway Jazzercise is nestled in a cute little shopping center not too far from Charlotte Motor Speedway. The studio is simple and bright, with plenty of room to dance around. I loved that the class instructor was positioned on a platform in the front of the room to make it easy for beginners, like ourselves, to follow along.

The Classes

We did double-duty by trying out both their Strength30 and Dance Mixx classes back-to-back.

Strength30 class is 30 minutes of weight and resistance training developed to tighten and tone muscles, and Dance Mixx is a 60-minute high-intensity class that mixes modern moves with strength training. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Jazzercise offered way more than just dance classes.

The Investment

A single visit to Jazzercise is $20, but most people opt for monthly passes and class passes that can be purchased starting at $65. For more information about their current specials, reach out to Jenn Adams, Owner of Speedway Jazzercise, at

The Details

Before the classes even began, I learned so much about Jazzercise. 

For instance, Jazzercise has been instructing dance party workouts since 1969. After being a leader in the fitness industry for almost 50 years, they definitely know their stuff. Their routines are reviewed by physiologists to ensure proper technique and effectiveness, and every instructor receives ongoing training that ensures they master their routines that fuse cardio and modern dance with resistance training, pilates, yoga, and kickboxing.

I also learned that you can burn up to 800 calories in one 60-minute Jazzercise class... AKA these classes are no joke.

The workout hadn't even begun and I was already impressed.

The first class, Strength30, required a yoga mat and light hand weights (around 3 to 10 pounds depending on preference). This 30-minute class consisted entirely of strength training moves that worked everything from our arms down to our legs. The music was pumping and shortly after class began, Brittany and I were already sweating. 

The mix of fitness influences was very apparent in the class. I loved that one minute you're lifting weights and then next you're in downward-facing dog. It keeps the class exciting! And even as much as the routines changed, it was still very easy to follow the instructor.

At the end of the Strength30 class, we jumped right into the Dance Mixx class. This class began more like I was expecting a Jazzercise class to go. There was more dancing and movement (hip-shaking included). 

Not even 10 minutes into the second class, I was drenched in sweat. The first half of class was definitely more cardio, kickboxing, and dance-focused, paired with some of today's hottest hits.

As one of the least coordinated people I know, it had to have been obvious that I was new to the class. I can only imagine I looked like a baby giraffe trying to take its first steps as I tried to master each move, even though the instructor amazingly and clearly demonstrated each routine. Regardless, I worked through each routine with a smile on my sweat-soaked face.

The second half of class started to focus more on strength training and we broke back out our yoga mats and hand weights. This is where it got even more intense (imagine an entire song's length of planks followed by leg work while staying elevated in a bridge position). 

The classes were both tough for sure! I was impressed by how much they kept my attention throughout the hour and a half time span by incorporating so many different fitness styles into one workout.

But one of my favorite parts of attending the classes had to be the people. It's clear that the people who come out to Jazzercise love it and, more importantly, support each other. It was a real community in the studio and we loved how welcoming they were to us beginners.

And shockingly, I have to report that were no jazz hands used throughout the course of the workouts.

The Aftermath

The classes were way more intense than I was imagining they would be. I was sweating bullets the entire time. All day after the workout, I could feel it in my body that I had gotten a good sweat in, but I surprisingly was not sore the next day.

The Bottom Line

Jazzercise was so much fun! I was pleasantly surprised at what a great workout it was, and any mental images I had of neon tights and scrunchies were completely blown out of the water. Brittany and I both agreed that we'd definitely dance for our beer at Jazzercise again!

Are you ready to try Jazzercise?

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