We may be a community of active beer-loving Charlotteans, but our desire to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle isn’t exclusive to breweries. We love sweating it out at local gyms and studios, too!  

That’s why we started Work For Your Beer Spotlights​, a series in which we highlight local fitness classes to show you how you can work for your beer beyond the brewery (and support local businesses in the process).  

Next up in the series is Chakti Yoga with Essential Thrive, a company that promotes healthy living through every facet of life. Owner Lauren McAbee does this through Chakti Yoga, doTERRA essential oils, and Holistic Living.  

I’d heard about Chakti Yoga before, but my knowledge of the practice only extended about as far as the posts I had seen on Instagram. When two of my Work For Your Beer team members suggested we give the class a try, I jumped at the chance, and we ventured off to our first-ever Chakti Yoga class.  

Read on to learn about our experience, as well as everything you need to know before you sign up for your first class.

The Essentials

Studio: MoveStudio Charlotte

Location: Plaza Midwood

Address: 1111 Hawthorne Ln., Suite 101 Charlotte, NC 28205

Website: www.essentialthrive.com | www.movestudiocharlotte.com

Social: Facebook | Instagram


The Studio

Lauren McAbee teaches Chakti Yoga at MoveStudio in Plaza Midwood. The studio offers a variety of classes, from yoga to dance to barre and more. Its location is currently a little tricky to find due to some ongoing construction happening next door—but don’t worry, there are signs that will help you find your way.  

Once you enter the studio, you’ll be in the lobby, where you can check in for the class and wait until the studio is available. The studio is pretty large, and the class maxes out at 50 people.

The Class

“Chakti” originates from a) Chakras and b) Shakti—the energy centers of the body and the Hindu goddess of power, respectively.  

Essential Thrive describes Chakti Yoga as “an energetic, empowered flow of yoga. Good beats. Wild. Free. Inspired to fuel your chakras and fuse your mind and body into a powerful relationship of self-love. From Kundalini foundations to HIIT, be prepared for conscious and free movement.”  

Chakti Yoga is also known as “twerking yoga,” so this class is perfect for all those who love our Twerk For Your Beer class. But whether you love to twerk, you’re an avid yogi, or even a runner, all levels are welcome. All you need to bring is your mat, a towel, and a bottle of water.


The Investment

A single class pass for Chakti Yoga is $15. You can also purchase a class card for 10 classes for $100, which reduces the cost to $10 per class.


The Details

When we first arrived at the studio, we were asked to sign in for Chakti and sign a waiver, since we were first-timers. We waited briefly in the lobby until the studio was available, then once they opened the door, we claimed our spots on the floor. We hung out and got a little stretch in as we waited for the class to start. 

At this point, I think we all were a little nervous. This was the first time any of us had tried Chakti Yoga, and we weren’t entirely sure what to expect. But we were excited to try something new, and we waited in anticipation for Lauren to arrive.

When the class was about to start, Lauren lowered the lights and turned on the music. This was not your ordinary calming yoga music. In fact, rather than relaxing tunes, these were some high-energy beats. The music pumping through the speakers was loud, bass-thumping hip hop music. It definitely set the tone for the rest of the class.

We started with some light stretching, similar to how a traditional yoga class would start. But then, a lot more movement was incorporated. Instead of remaining stationary in the yoga poses, you were encouraged to move. The vibrations from the music really influenced your flow, because it made you want to dance and wiggle your hips.

And then the butt-shaking started.

It didn’t matter the position: we had the opportunity to twerk it every which way. Standing up, kneeling, on all fours—you name the pose, and I guarantee, we were shaking our butts in it. 

It might sound a little out-of-the ordinary, but our team had so much fun. The practice incorporated traditional yoga moves (think child’s pose, downward facing dog, and warrior) but it also weaved in jumping around to the beat of the music, along with some hip-thrusting movements. 

I’m sure I looked ridiculous, but it was so freeing, I didn’t even care. 

While I wouldn’t expect to break too much of a sweat in a traditional yoga class, I was soaked by the time I left Chakti. I could feel the beads of sweat dripping down my face as I was twerking, and both during and after class, I definitely felt the burn.

The class wrapped up with light stretching and everyone’s favorite yoga pose, savasana. Lauren ended the class with inspiring words of self-love and gratitude. We were all surrounded by good vibes as we bowed our heads and said, “Namaste.”

As Essential Thrive website described, there is a lot of free movement throughout the class, where you’re open to move in whichever way feels good to your body. There is so much energy pulsing throughout the class, you can’t help but enjoy yourself and leave with a smile on your face.

The Aftermath

We were all sore the next day. I’m not sure if it was the stretching, the butt shaking, or both, but I could for sure tell I got in a great workout the day before. 

The one part of our body that we all agreed was the most sore: our knees. The class includes movements from every position you could imagine, including thrusting on your knees, which caused us to be a little sensitive the next day. 

I guess we’ll just have to keep practicing our twerking!


The Bottom Line

We all loved the class! It was so much fun, helped us let loose, and made us sweat (a lot!). We’ll definitely be back.

Are you ready to try Chakti Yoga?

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