At Work For Your Beer, our mission as a small female-founded startup in the male-dominated worlds of tech and beer is to be...


Mel Fox and Alicia Valenski founded Work For Your Beer in December 2016 with 0 followers and a dream. A dream of a world where people could easily find the interactive activities (like yoga classes, run clubs, trivia nights, and much more) happening at breweries near them. 

Since then, our audience has grown tremendously — and organically! — because the weird, wonderful people in the Work For Your Beer community share that same dream.

Our goal is to continue to grow this community by providing information about as many brewery workouts and activities as possible in active, beer-centric cities around the country. 

Thinking about starting a brewery workout? We literally wrote the book on it, to help you get it done. We're here to be a resource for breweries and instructors, so that more and more of these activities can get started. Everywhere. 



This company was started by a professional travel writer (Alicia) and a professional photographer (Mel). So, yeah, you could say that we care about creating high-quality content — and that we know a thing or two about how to do it.

And not only do we consistently collaborate to create blog posts, social media posts, videos, email newsletters, and more for our community — but we regularly check in with our community to make sure that they're loving it. And if they're not, we update our content strategy to make sure everything we create is of value to the people we're creating it for. Otherwise, what the heck would we even be doing?



We want to connect you to your own mind and your body so you can live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. We want to connect you to local breweries so you can support them as small (or large!) businesses. We want to connect you with people in your area who also love craft beer and getting active. 

Most importantly: we want to connect those three things — working out, drinking beer, and making friends — and make it as easy as possible for you to use our website to do all of the above.



As of summer 2019, our goal is to grow Work For Your Beer to include brewery workouts happening throughout the entire U.S. Try to imagine us as a super niche Yelp, for instance: you'd come to our site, type in the city you're living in (or traveling to), select the type of activity you're hoping to do at a brewery in that location, and we provide you with a list of places to do it. Boom. 

Is that a lofty goal? Maybe. But the word "work" is in our company name for a reason. We are ready to work our butts off to make that dream a reality. We hope you're along with us for the ride.

Wanna help us get? Cool, there are about a zillion ways to support this female-founded start-up! You can follow us on social media, subscribe to our Weekly Brewsletter, tell your friends about our site, buy something from our shop... However you want to show us some love, trust us, we'll be insanely grateful. 

Thanks for joining us on this journey. We love you, weirdo. (Yes, you.)